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JUGLviv meetup: “REST, HATEOAS & HAL”


Dear Friends, next JUG Lviv meetup will happen on April 19th.

REST as a way of life, HATEOAS & HAL

Talk abstract

In this talk you will learn about HATEOAS and HAL.

The talk will start with a short review of how REST was born and what is the REST today.
We will also review Idempotent operations and how HTTP methods correspond to CRUD operations and why.

We will then move to HATEOAS, focusing specifically on its use cases and problems it resolves.
Lastly we will review what HAL is and why do we need to use it.

The whole material based on my own experience and on eternal holy wars about REST.


18:30 – Registration & welcome coffee
19:00 – Presentation Start
20:00 – Presentation End


Alex Barchuk – Senior Software Engineer at EPAM Systems
Software Engineer with 5 years of experience in several commercial projects of various sizes. Currently working Microservices Architecures and extensively using REST.




Please register for the event, here.


SoftServe HQ
Sadova Street, 2d, L’viv, Lviv Oblast, 79000